Support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers April meet-up. 

The Salisbury Shakers met on Saturday 23rd April and were excited to welcome back, with a round of applause, Chris Kendall who has recently undergone Focused Ultrasound treatment for his right hand tremor.

Loved the new haircut too
Great to see 'much less shaky' Chris

Chris described the his experience to us, beginning with his early application a couple of years ago, and continuing through visits to his consultant, Peter Bain, many tests and culminating in the treatment itself.  Sue, Chris’s wife, had been present throughout and brought photos for us to see, of each stage of the treatment.

As Chris talked to us, he was drinking a cup of coffee.  We watched, mesmerised, as he casually lifted the cup to his mouth WITH ONE HAND!  How brilliant was that?