Support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers December meet-up. 

The Shakers had an interesting meeting on Saturday.  We gathered in Fisherton Warehouse Café as it was a little quieter than St Thomas’s.  Our special guest was Ben from Gyrogear.  Ben had spent the previous two days with Mary and Sheelagh during which they wore the gloves on both hands and performed  various tasks while being videoed.


Ben from Gyrogear and the Salisbury Shakers

Ben showed the group a video of Mary and Sheelagh, taken in the summer when they spent a similar day in Salisbury.  He also showed various photographs of the glove, both complete and being designed and he was able to answer questions from the group members.

Ben’s home is in Singapore and he and Susan discovered a shared knowledge of various places they where they had both lived.

Some members of the group then walked down to St Thomas’s to look at the Christmas Tree festival being held there.

No date was fixed for a further meeting.  With the uncertainty around the new strain of Covid we decided it would be best to wait until January and make a decision then.

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