Jackie Farrell who leads the Sussex Shakers reflects on their May meetup.

Sussex Shakers met up on 20th May for a lunchtime meetup at the Roundstone Pub, East Preston. Apologies were received from those with other pre-arranged commitments and we welcomed three new people.

After introductions we shared tips and discussed Essential Tremor (ET) in general and in particular hereditary ET. It is estimated that 60% of ET cases are inherited. This seemed to fit in with the results at our group meetup. More than half of the group with ET who were there had hereditary essential tremor! 

Interestingly, I asked the same question about who had hereditary ET at my recent Sutton support group and had the same result with over 60% of those at the group there having inherited their Essential tremor!

We were well looked after by our waiter Jordan who had only been working at the Roundstone a couple of weeks. He was very attentive and looked after us with kindness and consideration. He was also interested in knowing more about Essential tremor!

For more information about Sussex Shakers contact group organiser Jackie Farrell email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jackie Farrell

NTF Support Groups Coordinator

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