Imagine not being able to lift up a fork or write your name. It's a reality for many people with Parkinson's Disease. People like 64-year-old Sara Hart, who suffers from uncontrollable tremors in her hands, often leading to frustrating and embarrassing situations.

Anxiety exacerbates the tremor, and anytime you get in a situation like that, you just feel like you're out of control.
Sara Hart

An Illinois-transplant, Hart sought treatment at The Neuromedical Center in Baton Rouge.

Hart eventually met occupational therapist Krista Madere. "I've always wanted to come up with something more, and do more," Madere said. She wanted one orthotic to replace all the others, and decided a weighted glove could be the solution. Hart happily agreed to play guinea pig.

"We started experimenting with putting weights on my hands, and our first prototype was two packs of AA batteries strapped to my hand," Hart recalled. After five weeks of tinkering, the Readi-Steadi anti-tremor custom glove was born.

For Hart, it's been life-changing. The glove kept her hand steady as she used a spoon to eat rice from a bowl. It also helped her peel an apple, apply nail polish, type on a keyboard, and even thread a needle.

Production of the custom glove takes less than an hour, and Madere plans to fit as many patients as possible. Those interested must have a doctor's order for occupational therapy, and the cost can be billed through insurance as an orthotic.

Madere hopes to continue developing the Readi-Steadi glove, eventually making it available to the millions of people who suffer from debilitating tremors.

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