Trequant, Inc., a wearable device startup, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to market and further develop its tremor quantifying device. The Trequant wearable is designed to appear and feel like a normal analog watch, but contains advanced sensors that monitor the extremity tremors common to movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease (PD), dystonia, essential tremors, and other neurological conditions.

The Trequant wearable was under development by Fawad Ejaz Bhatti for the past two years. Bhatti describes it as a "Fitbit for tremor patients" that tracks and analyzes tremor patterns, and is capable of not only quickly diagnosing the tremor type, but also alerting the wearer of a medication timetable.

Trequant's tremor quantifying device provides users with tools for self-assessment and enables physicians to monitor reports. Device data runs through a mobile device app with an easy to read scale to check tremor amplitude. It provides quantifiable measures of tremor type and when alerting a user about medications, also provides a visual scale reading of treatment effectiveness on tremors, a convenient feature for checking progress or comparing two treatments.  Data can be saved in the cloud, and easily shared with the patient’s doctor and family.

With the help of the Trequant wearable, patients will not just be able to get readings of their tremors, but will also be able to track their tremors in different scenarios, activities, and day-to-day behaviors, enabling them to better understand the effect of, say, eating broccoli, drinking wine, swimming, or even smoking on their condition.

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