Anne-Lise, who has essential tremor, is running the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise awareness.

I'm running the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise awareness of a condition that I have have had since my mid-teens; essential tremor.

ET is a common neurological movement disorder that is 8 to 10 times more prevalent than Parkinson's, and it causes involuntary tremor of a body part - in my case it primarily affects my hands.

This can make daily chores quite challenging: I live dangerously when using a knife to chop things up, the journey from plate to mouth is an adventure when using cutlery, and I risk poking out my eye when putting on mascara!

I try to approach situations humorously, but social situations can be embarrassing and the fear of people's reactions often makes things worse. Over the years there have been many instances of people commenting on me shaking - most have been well meaning, but others not so nice. I have been told to "calm down" and not be so nervous, and even asked if I was an alcoholic (at 8am, at work).

I hope to get people talking about ET openly and to support the NTF to carry out its work in providing support and advice, publish information, and promote research.

So I shall run the Half Marathon and you can guarantee that by the end of it I will be shaking like a leaf. But worry not, I have ET!

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