The National Tremor Foundation is pleased to announce this year’s summer campaign, The Summer Tea Party.

The Summer Tea Party runs throughout August and involves raising awareness of tremor and celebrating summer your way - think picnic with your friends, a BBQ with your family, or tea and scones in the park or even a video call.

The idea is simple: to take part first register your event, then organise your event and invite your friends and/or family. During your event share stories and pictures on social media using the hashtag #NTFTeaparty to raise awareness of neurological tremor.

The NTF have produced decorations and resources to help make your event fun, including bunting, cake flags and a poster that includes a QR code to help raise funds for the NTF.

This year’s summer campaign follows on from last year’s event, The Journey, which raised almost £3000.

For more details about the NTF Summer Tea Party go to