Salisbury support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers July meeting.

On Saturday last (29th July), Salisbury Shakers met for lunch.  We did not fry our own chips, as you might think from the photo.  At a previous meeting we had talked about how useful these mini chip pans can be for cooking vegetables in boiling water, or boiling eggs; however, they are no longer easy to come by.

However, the Salisbury Shakers are not easily defeated and a supply of mini chip fryers has now been obtained.  The picture shows us celebrating.

I wonder what other uses members of of the group will find for them?  Watch this space.

We meet again on Saturday September 2nd in St Thomas’s, in the St Michael’s room at 11am.  (Please note the slightly later time – the bus timetable has been changed.)  Those who arrive earlier might look out for each other in the coffee area.


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