Anthony who has essential tremor talks about how he climbed Snowdonia to fundraise for the NTF.

You many remember reading about my plans to climb Snowdonia a few months ago in a previous article, I am Anthony, a 28-year-old hiker and Paraplanner who has essential tremor

Over the August bank holiday weekend, I climbed Snowdon as part of the National Three Peaks for the National Tremor Foundation. I was diagnosed with ET about 8ish years ago and there isn’t, wasn’t much information around about it given the wide-ranging impact it can have on those with the condition. 

This is why I chose to support the NTF with a hike as their work is vital to increasing awareness, understanding and the chances of a dedicated treatment for our condition. 

The weather was ideal for climbing Snowdon. Clear blue skies, a nice cool morning and the Snowdonia countryside yet to be explored. As it was a bank holiday weekend, there were plenty of tourists milling about ready to conquer Snowdon. 

Following the Llanberis path, the start of the climb is a steep to really get the heart rate going, before easing off as your head off the road and onto the main ascent. Meandering up through the valley, you follow and cris-cross the mountain railway as you are afforded stunning vistas of the Snowdonia valleys. A little while later, you reach the top and after queuing for a little bit, you get to see the best of North Wales from Caernarfon to Anglesey before turning around and doing it all again but in reverse. 

Now that I have some rest and reacquainted myself with the sofa for a few days thoughts turn to whats next and there are plenty more ‘challenges’ on the books – it is just finding the time to do them from walking Hadrian’s Wall, completing the Cumbria Way and others that are yet to be explored. 

Anyone can conquer Snowdon, with patience, some training and understanding to start small and gradually build up to it.

The NTF would like to congratulate Anthony for his dedication and for helping people with essential tremor.

Are you interested in taking on a fundraising challenge? Then get in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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