(Header image: Event speakers L–R: Mr Jibril Osman-Farah, Dr Jay Panicker, NTF Chairman Professor Leslie Findley)

On 1st October we were delighted to be joined by leading experts from across the neurology field at our annual open day. The ability to meet face-to-face - at the iconic Liver building in Liverpool – for the first time in over two years made the event all the more valuable.

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Huge credit should be given to Support Groups Co-ordinator Jackie Farrell, who worked tirelessly with James Blann of Insightec, in the planning and preparation of this first in-person event post Covid.  It was all the more frustrating therefore that Jackie was unable to attend herself, due to herself succumbing to Covid.

Thank you to event organiser Jackie Farrell

Our esteemed panel of speakers, including Professor Leslie Findley (retired Senior neurologist, Queen's Hospital, Essex, and Professor of Health Sciences, London University South Bank), Dr Jay Panicker (Clinical Director for Neurology, The Walton Centre, Liverpool) and Mr Jibril Farah (Consultant Neurosurgeon and clinical lead of the Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgical Service, the Walton Centre, Liverpool) offered attendees some valuable insights in to the very latest developments in patient experience, treatment options and trends in the neurology space. 

HQ NTFLiverpool094 1
Hannah Eaton and event speaker: Dr Jay Panicker

The NTF Open Day aimed to raise awareness of the organisation and essential tremor:

‘The National Tremor Foundation, we urge you to advertise it, and talk about it and show your tremors to everyone, because unless we raise awareness we will be back in 1992 when this organisation was founded. ’ - Professor Leslie Findley 

This year we were also delighted to be joined by Rob Mallard, a British actor best known for his role in iconic soap opera Coronation Street. Rob has been vocal about his experience with Essential Tremor on national TV such as The Morning Show and chatted openly about his experiences of living with the condition. 

‘More often than not, younger people who would just come up to me and put their hand in my face and go look at my hand shake – like a secret handshake, you knew we’re in…it’s weird to think I’ve had influence on peoples’ lives but if it has a positive one I’m more than happy to keep talking about [essential tremor] ’ – Rob Mallard 

In total we had 150 attendees, from patients to HCPs. All attendees had the opportunity to attend a networking session where they could speak directly with healthcare leaders, industry representatives and holistic care providers. This was in addition to a lively Q&A session with our panel of experts, where questions around essential tremor were answered and debated. 

Thank you to our exhibitors: Insightec, Boston Scientific, Warrington Disability Partnership, and neurophysiotherapist Karen Hull.

A special thank you to everyone involved in making this event such a success – 2023 has big shoes to fill!

rob and team
The event team ensured that the day went smoothly:
L-R: NTF Trustee Jeff Kilner, actor Rob Mallard, NTF Digital Advisor Duncan Crossland and Insightec's James Blann

Liverpool Trustees
NTF Trustees with actor Rob Mallard
L–R: Keith Flaxman; Jeff Kilner; Kitty Reilly; Chairman Prof. Leslie Findley

Event feedback

"It was a great event!’

"Thoroughly enjoyed the event, most informative. The venue and lunch was super."

“It was a great day, thanks Jackie and all involved. Lovely to meet people in person, not just over Zoom!”

"A big thank you to all who contributed to the open day it was very informative and given me a lot to think about. I thought Rob Mallard was brilliant in his relaxed manner giving his account of his own tremor journey. Thank you to the Neurologists who gave us a clear insight into the new treatments.”

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