Salisbury Support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers November meet-up. 

A bumper crop of Shakers invaded Salisbury on Saturay 12th November, for the Salisbury Shakers meeting.

First of all, five of us met in St Thomas’s for coffee and then we moved on to Fisherton Warehouse where twelve of us gathered for lunch.  We were delighted to welcome three new members, Helen from Salisbury, Paul and his wife Jenny, from Lee-on-Solent and Diana, with husband John, who had a rather tortuous journey from Bournemouth.  As we were a large number and many of us didn’t know each other, we each took it in turn to say a little about ourselves and our experience with essential tremor.  Diana, an illustrator, told us about the focused ultrasound treatment she had six months ago.  Paul spent ten years being treated for Parkinson’s disease, before discovering he didn’t have it.  Helen, a retired physiotherapist, is no longer able to knit and sew.  I think it is true to say that spending time with others ‘in the same boat’ is reassuring and cheers us all up.  The lunch was good, too.  The staff in the café reserved a big table for us and were very patient and kind to us.

Three of our stalwarts, Mary, Moira and Val, were unable to join us today, and we hope to see them at our next meeting on Saturday January 7th.  We will start in St Thomas’s where we hope to be able to use the St Michael room.  Then, those of us who wish will walk to Fisherton Warehouse for lunch and from there, those with tickets for the pantomime will continue over the road to the theatre.

It is unlikely that there will be any more tickets available for the pantomime, but all are welcome to meet for coffee and lunch.  Please contact me if you need more details or information.  I will contact everybody nearer the time to get approximate numbers for lunch.


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