Fred Jewitt, who has essential tremor, is running the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise awareness.

I have had essential tremor since around 5 and it was first noticed when writing at primary school by teachers. There have been times when other people have commented on it in a unhelpful way and said you're shaking but in other siuations I have been offered help doing something I found difficult. At school it was probably noticeable with being more nervous I think. It has affected my career path probably for the better but now I am quite happy in the job I'm doing now.

I ran the Virtual London Marathon for National Tremor foundation last year with Curtis Rhodes, a NTF members son and I raised an incredible £577 and he also raised an incredible amount too. Having not had many race opportunities this year I seized this one and to do it for (National Tremor foundation) NTF motivates me even more to do well as I go to the support groups. They provide help, support, advice, publish information and promote research.

Are you interested in taking on a fundraising challenge? Then get in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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