The online arts session, “Creative Spirals Workshop”, hosted by Kate Hasted from the Brain & Spine Foundation held on the 6 June was a huge success.

In the session attendees explored these themes and looked at a variety of artists – historical and contemporary who use spirals in their work, which participants used as inspiration for their own spiral artworks. The group participants chose their own mediums to explore the theme and created some wonderful pieces including painting, drawing, poetry and collage. 

Kate Hasted PhotoArtist and Host Kate Hasted

Kate said: “The Spirals theme was an interesting starting point as I was aware it can be used to assess tremor and therefore many living with tremor would have a connection to the spiral shape. I wanted to present the Spiral in a wider context and through research found that it has a strong link to nature and is very symbolic across many cultures.

Jackie Farrell, Support Groups Coordinator, who was also at the event said: “Kate’s energy and enthusiasm made the event fun and encouraged people to overcome their hand tremors and not to give up being creative.” 

Kate added: “It was a pleasure to collaborate with the National Tremor Foundation to design a creative workshop for people affected with essential tremors. Thank you to everyone who took part in the session!”

Watch our spirals slideshow

Event feedback

“I enjoyed the explanations and illustrations Kate shared with the group around seeing spirals in nature, religion, artworks, etc. Then the opportunity to personalize the examples with our own work.”

“I found myself looking for spirals today when I was outside. So I think it has helped me to remember to be more mindful again.”

“Most enjoyable time spent with friends and doing something new. Brilliant.”

"Preparation and content of the course was excellent. Kate communicated very well in a very friendly manner. It was good to listen to others and see their work"

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