Jackie Farrell  Support Groups and NETA Coordinator reflects on National Essential Tremor Awareness month. 

March online groups/talks were well attended and it was an honour to welcome and co-host guest speaker’s presentations. A big thank you to everyone who helped in some way to raise essential tremor awareness during March. 

Thank you to Duncan Crossland, NTF Digital Manager for setting up all the NTF online meetings and being there in the background at events supporting people who may need  technical help on the day. I appreciate too the time you give to my ideas for meetups.

The NETA month resources page proved to be popular with our online support group taking advantage of any opportunity to help raise awareness of essential tremor, whether that be for example, contacting newspapers, local MP’s, putting up posters or just talking out about their tremors. Every little input from participants helps play a part in spreading the word of this common but little known neurological movement disorder.

As well as online events, we were delighted when Coronation Street actor Rob Mallard kindly gave his time Friday 12th March to raise essential tremor awareness for the “Radio Day”.  Between us both or individually we were interviewed on 14 different radio stations.  Quite a marathon as you can imagine in one day!  Rob who has essential tremor himself, also shared on air how he manages with his own tremors during filming on Corrie. 

Looking ahead to April, we are pleased to announce that guest speakers will be attending the online Wednesday lunchtime groups. You can check these and other events taking place on NTF events page.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter,

Jackie Farrell

NTF Support Groups Coordinator
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