The National Tremor Foundation (NTF) would like to thank everyone that got involved and raised awareness of essential tremor (ET) for National Essential Tremor Awareness (NETA) month this March.

National Essential Tremor Awareness (NETA) month saw the NTF hold seven online meetings attracting over 250 people to raise awareness, offer interesting discussions, friendly meetups and talks by speakers on essential tremor.

Watch Honorary President of the NTF Lord Julian Fellowes’ video

Over the course of the awareness month NTF supporters donated over £800. The NTF is highly appreciative of your generosity. These funds will go towards helping people with neurological tremor.

The NTF is grateful for the hard work of support group members who raised awareness during National Essential Tremor Awareness month. Members put up posters and secured coverage in almost 10 newspapers and radio shows. Which shows how NTF supporters can really make a difference.

Furthermore we would like to thank Coronation Street actor Rob Mallard for raising awareness of the month and essential tremor by appearing on a number of radio shows. We appreciate his continued support.

The NTF would like to give a special thank you to event speakers including Lord Julian Fellowes (Honorary President of the NTF), Hayriye Cagnan (Oxford University), James Blann (InsighTec), Phil Alcock (walking and movement instructor), Professor Wady Gedroyc (St Mary’s Hospital, and Imperial College Healthcare), Karen Hull (Neuro-physiotherapist), Patrick McCartney (IETF), Geoff Sleight (Focused Ultrasound patient), Katy Barrow (SOSA Dance Fitness); NTF Chairman Kevin Harfoot; Trustee’s Professor Leslie Findley and Kitty Reilly; and Jackie Farrell (NETA Coordinator).

Kevin Harfoot said: “This year marks the 10th year of National Essential Tremor Awareness month, and the sixth year of NTF involvement. Although this last year has been challenging for everyone thanks to the commitment of our supporters worldwide  and our incredibly hard working team, this year’s awareness month has become the UK’s biggest yet.”

Updates on National Essential Tremor Awareness month will be available soon - watch this space!

If you have a story of your involvement in National Essential Tremor Awareness month - please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The National Tremor Foundation is a neurological disorder charity which represents over 1 million people in the UK. The NTF aims to provide help, support and advice to all those living with all forms of tremor irrespective of age.

Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is the most common movement disorder. It causes parts of the body to move in an uncontrolled and repetitive manner, most commonly affecting the arms and hands. 


National Essential Tremor Awareness (NETA) month was started by the International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) in the USA  to raise awareness of Essential Tremor and has since been growing internationally from strength to strength since.