Well what a day that was!  On Friday 8th March we were incredibly lucky to be able to take our awareness posters to Number 10 and have our photos taken.  

This amazing opportunity was made possible through the wonderful efforts of Oscar Reaney.  Oscar, an NTF Young Adult Ambassador with Essential Tremor himself, works in the office of Jack Brereton MP, and a couple of months ago phoned our very own Jackie Farrell, and said “I have an idea for Essential Tremor Awareness Month”!

NTF Downing(L-R) Oscar Reaney (Parliamentary aide);  Jackie Farrell (NTF Support Group Co-ordinator); Keith Flaxman (NTF Treasurer)

Oscar immediately started to put the wheels of his plan into motion, and employing the help of a colleague from the Prime Minister’s office, managed to secure a photo opportunity right outside the door of Number 10.  This really was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were very excited to also have Keith Flaxman from the board of the NTF as well as James Blann and Anna Viggers (both from Insightec) who have done so much to help us raise awareness of Essential Tremor and the MR Guided Focused Ultrasound therapy.

But Oscar wasn’t finished with just the photo opp… he then escorted us into the Palace of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, where he proceeded to give us a wonderful guided tour, followed by the traditional Fish and Chips on the Lords’ Terrace.

We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful day, and we are truly grateful to Oscar for his efforts to organise it for us.

Main photo L-R: James Blann (Insightec); Anna Viggers (Insightec); Keith Flaxman (NTF Treasurer); Jackie Farrell (NTF Support Group Co-ordinator); Tony Farrell (Jackie’s supportive husband); Oscar Reaney (Parliamentary aide)

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