Salisbury support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers April meet-up.

Eleven Salisbury Shakers met today for their April meeting.  We welcomed three new members; Ingrid from Warminster and John and Angela from Marlborough. 

John and Angela had been visiting Warminster recently when they happened to pick up a copy of the local paper and learned about the group and the recent Gyrogear news, so they made contact and came along.

We got off to a rocky start when Sheelagh welcomed someone called Chris who was having coffee on the adjoining table and, thinking he was one of the new members, asked him if she could add him to her mailing list.  It turned out he was waiting for another group entirely.  There were dark murmurings about honey traps and we all bid a hasty retreat to our little room – where we found all the chairs had disappeared.  The two Davids set off on a chair hunt and then a passing vicar was able to reveal their new hiding place and we eventually got the meeting started.

We have had several new members lately and so we each introduced ourselves and said a little about our Essential Tremor history.  Mary shared the good news that she has an appointment to see Peter Bain in Charing Cross hospital with a view to finding out if she could have the focussed ultrasound treatment.

Then Mary and Sheelagh showed the group their Gyrogloves and demonstrated them.  They were passed around so that people could have a closer look.

It was a lively meeting and we look forward to the next one which we have fixed, provisionally, for 18thMay.


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