Salisbury support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers June meet-up.

Eleven members of the Salisbury Shakers met in St Thomas’s in Salisbury today, where there was a broad discussion ranging from experiences with physios, medication, signing documents, focused ultrasound, independence and being embarrassed – to mention just a few topics.  It was lovely to welcome a new member, too.

On my way in, I accosted a poor member of the public, asking, “Are you a Shaker?” because I was expecting to see a new lady whom I haven’t yet met.  She wasn’t, but at the end of the meeting Mary and I were approached by a gentleman who asked, “I heard you looking for the Shakers.  Are you a member?”  It was soon clear that he had mistaken us for a sect he had come across (not the Quakers) and we had quite an interesting discussion, even though we were the wrong sort of Shakers!

We hope to meet again on July 15th.  I will be in touch nearer the time when I know whether we can have our usual venue or whether we might go somewhere else.


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