Salisbury support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers October meet-up.

Seven people attended our meeting today and we had an interesting chat about this and that, including eating out and speech-to-type software.

Jillian came up with an interesting piece of information.  Her bank, Lloyds, realising that she is unable to input her pin number, has given her a different bank card.  Now, when she would normally be required to put in the number, a message comes up saying, ‘signature only’.  She then has to sign a paper – and as she can no longer write clearly, she has a signature stamp.  Jillian reported that it worked like a dream in Morrison’s yesterday.  This could be useful for a number of people with shaky hands.  It might be worth talking to your bank if you have a similar problem.

Our next meeting will be on December 9th and we decided to go out for a meal as it will be getting near to Christmas. 

Fisherton Warehouse café has, sadly, shut down, so Mary and Sheelagh are going to research other venues.  The Red Lion might be one possibility.  Caroline suggested that we all choose something really difficult to eat – soup, peas, spaghetti, rice, for example – and offer a prize for the person who makes the most mess.  Mary and I will not be revealing this plan when we go to book somewhere!


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