Salisbury Support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers September meet-up. 

The Salisbury Shakers had an interesting meeting today.  Only four members of the group attended, but they gained another couple at the meeting.

We sat at a table for seven and so we were joined first by Peter who wanted somewhere to sit with his coffee.  Peter was interested to learn why we were meeting and told us he had Parkinson’s.  So we took his details and signed him up!

Next came Jean.  Jean is a retired radiographer and does not have any sort of shake.  However, she has a friend who lives in Spain and has a severe tremor which Spanish doctors have been unable to diagnose.  We gave her the details of the NTF website which she will pass on to her friend.

So we had a good chat with our new friends and Jean, being the only person with a steady hand, took the photo.

We did discuss the recent smaller attendance at meetings.  Much of this is due to illness and/or inability to get to the meeting.  Other commitments is another factor.  This week I received eight apologies which seems to indicate that people are still interested in belonging to the group.  We did not make another date at the meeting. 

I will send an email round to try and find out what people feel about when and where to meet and what form the meeting should take.


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