We have seen a amazing success to The Journey for week two! Between 19–25 July 26 participants raked up 465 miles, briging the total mileage to 812.

By taking part in this "journey" the NTF hopes to encourage people to engage in some activity such as a walk around their garden, a run or cycle ride, or any other physical activity, whislt raising awareness of tremor.

We are thrilled to see lots of amazing activity on social media already– just have a look at #NTFTheJourney. We have to also thank you for your commitment to raising awareness.

Weekly mileage 19–25 July 

Participant's name Details of miles Weekly Overall total
Alan Findlay Walking round area of Stoke Park, Guildford 12 357
Barbara Gorburn Walking 1 358
Caroline Fry Walking the beautiful cliffs with my sister on this perfect day to promote our virtual journey. Enjoyed ice cream at Porthcurno. 16 374
Christina Blake Nordic walking 24 398
Colin Heath General exercise, walking daughters dog plus 2 hours street chaplain in Watford 10 408
David Murdoch Walk 4 412
Dineen Sharpe 1 mile walking daily in local park (on balcony when it is raining) 7 419
Duncan Crossland Running 15 434
Fred Jewitt Walking in Wales 5 439
Hannah Walking 10 449
Irena Gorburn Walking (took us back over and towards Glasgow) 33 482
Jackie Twice Daily - mindful walking and dancing around the lawn spiral 1 483
Jean Squires Walking 7 490
Jeff Kilner 4 x 5 mile runs, 2x 10 mile walks and Perry the chicken walking 1 mile 41 531
Jilly and Dave Cooper (THIS TOOK US TO BRECON BEACONS) 78 609
Jo Ward Walking and gardening 6 615
Kim Walking with dogs Simba & Sabre + walking out on site for work as environment manager 17 632
Lindsay Wright Walking including to a reservoir and a lovely natural field as well. The Sfort, Pishiobury Park. An outing to Denham and Bradwell on sea for a walk and swim 35 667
Merane Todd Running and exercise 27 694
Peter Fry Walking (Peters walks took us beyond Anglesey and  over the Irish sea) 52 746
Peter Horner Walking and gardening 20 766
Richard Law Walking 13 779
Ryan Williams Calisthenics workouts at home + I've been traveling in to work and moving house! 23 802
Sheila Summer pleasure and walking by River Chess with a few of our dancing friends. 10 812
    467 812

Watch this space for our next mileage update.

If you've not signed up for The Journey, we are still looking for partipants!