Support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers March meet-up. 

Seven members of the Salisbury Shakers met in St Thomas’s on Saturday morning.  There were several apologies, many of them Covid related.  The hot cheese scones, served with the coffee were certainly a welcome addition to the meeting.

Group founding member Susan will be missed

We talked about Susan who died suddenly a few days after our last meeting.  Susan was a founder member of our group and only ever missed one meeting through illness.  Four of us will attend her funeral on Thursday to represent our group.  There is to be a collection in Susan’s memory for Salisbury District Hospital,  and the Salisbury Shakers have donated nearly £100 towards it.  We will all miss her.

Chris after treatment
Chris following Focused Ultrasound Surgery

The exciting news of the day was a message from members Chris and Sue Kendall.  Chris has, at last, had his long awaited Focussed Ultrasound treatment and has just been discharged from hospital.  Sue sent us a video of Chris lifting and drinking a glass of water on the day following the operation.  This is something he has been unable to do for years.  We all watched the video with amazement.  We are so pleased for Chris.

Julie shared her ‘magic cushion’ story

Julie entertained us with her ‘magic cushion’ story.  She recently attended an appointment with her neurologist about her head tremor.  As she was going on to a ‘Chair Zumba’ class after the appointment, she was carrying, amongst other things, a cushion.  A few days later she received a copy of the letter that the neurologist had written to her doctor.  It stated, “Mrs Gilbert carries a cushion with her to help with her head tremor.”

Date of their next meeing Saturday 23 April
(subject to confirmation by St Thomas’s)

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