Jackie Farrell who leads Worthing Shakers Tremor Support Group reflects on raising tremor awareness in Worthing.

The event on Wednesday 16 March 2022 at South Street Square was part of National Essential Tremor Awareness month.

We were delighted to be supported by Worthing Mayor Cllr Lionel Harman and Mayoress Karen Harman. Plus Town Crier Bob Smytherman, along with support group member Ted.  

The information table attracted passers by to find out more about essential tremor, including a police officer whose relative is a neurologist in Nigeria.

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The first person to stop had orthostatic tremor

The first person to stop by had orthostatic tremor and was pleased to find out about the National Tremor Foundation and that there were others with the same disorder in Worthing Shakers support group.

The event was a great success even though we unfortunately had to cut short our time there due the ‘Sahara Dust storm’ that day.

Big thank you to everyone for their help & support.

Jackie Farrell
NTF Support Groups Coordinator
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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