Merane tells us about how she has found that running has helped her with her tremor and this year plans to run the Great North Run to raise funds for the NTF.

I was diagnosed with essential tremor when I was 35 years old. At first I did not know what was happening to me, as I was mainly experiencing shakes. On a normal day my tremors effect my right hand and arm. When it's worse it effects my whole right side. I went to see my GP who referred me to A&E. At the hospital, initially they did not know what was wrong either. After A&E I was admitted to a ward for tests and 4 days after diagnosed with essential tremor by the neurologist.

The neurologist gave me for medication, Propranolol, which worked and I still take. It was then that I decided to try exercise to help with the stress of living with the condition and to be more active. My son who play plays football recommended that I tried to take up running - he told me all about a 'Couch to 5K' running programme - which involved a mixture of gentle walks and short jogs.

Ever since then I have found running has helped relieve my tremor and helped keep me calm. This September I will be doing the Great North Run for the 11th year. This year I hope to help others with essential tremor by raising awareness and funds for the NTF. If I have helped one person that would be a great achievement.