Raise awareness of tremor and celebrate summer your way and meet others. Why not have a picnic with your friends, a BBQ with your family, or tea and scones in the park. 

The aim of the Summer Tea Party is to provide people with neurological tremor (including essential tremor and orthostatic tremor) a voice and raise awareness whilst having fun. Why not share your personal story and personal coping tips with others? Or simply share your Summer Tea Party pictures using the hashtag #NTFTeaparty.

When meeting others people ensure you follow Government Covid guidelines.

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Countdown until the Summer Tea Party begins!


Why raise awareness of neurological tremor?

  1. Essential tremor is considered as one of the most common neurological movement disorders.
  2. Essential tremor affects over one million people in the UK, 10-million in the USA and millions more worldwide. 
  3. Essential tremor is a progressive neurological disorder. At least 5% of all cases of essential tremor are in childhood. 
  4. It is estimated that 60% of all cases are inherited.
  5.  Essential tremor is often confused with Parkinson’s. Essential tremor is estimated to be 8–10 times more common than Parkinson’s.

Five reasons to fundraise for the NTF

  1. We are the only charity supporting all forms of neurological tremor
  2. The NTF runs over 30 support group events a year
  3. We have lead the campaign for Focused Ultrasound on the NHS
  4. We provide support for over 100,000 people a year!
  5. We have a network of people with neurological tremor in over 50 countries worldwide!

How it works

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1. Register your event

Register your event for the latest updates and news.

2. Plan your event

Organise an outdoor get together. Think BBQ with friends, afternoon tea with your loved one, teddy bear's picnic with the kids.

3. Have fun and share it!

Share stories and pictures with friends and family using the hashtag #NTFTeaparty to raise awareness of neurological tremor.

4. Fundraise

Why not start a collection for the NTF using Virgin Money Giving?


Celebrations in August

Below are some major celebrations in August.

Date Celebration 
1st Aug Yorkshire Day
2nd Aug Summer Bank Hol, Scotland.
4th Aug 2021 International Owl Awareness Day
8th Aug  International Cat Day
13th Aug  Left Handers Day
15th Aug Afternoon Tea Week
15th Aug National allotments week
26th Aug  National Dog Day
27th Aug National burger day
28th Aug  International Bat Night.
30th Aug Bank Holiday. England

Follow the campaign

Follow the latest on twitter #NTFTeaparty

Have any questions?

If you have any questions please contact us on 


Register for the Summer Tea Party for news and updates.

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    Jackie will be repeating her introduction to Mindfulness.

    Have you ever wanted to find out more about Mindfulness, but not known where to start? Then we invite you to join Jackie Farrell who will explain simple ways to apply Mindfulness into your daily life.The session is suitable for anyone, so why not take the opportunity to make this a “Wellness Wednesday”.

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