Support group attendee Sheila shares why she is getting involved in March National Essential Tremor Awareness (NETA) Month.

I decided to try and raise awareness for National Essential Essential Tremor Month by asking at our Sainsbury’s Supermarket if I could place one of the posters that NTF had provided on the notice board and they agreed quite willing as long as I took responsibility for removing it at the end of Awareness Month. So this was my first attempt, which was easy.

sheilaSheila is raising awareness of essential tremor for NETA month

I laminated a copy of NTF posters and attached it to a post in my front garden.

I then managed to contact Polly a Journalist for our local newspaper again with a letter drafted by the NTF which was a great help.  Polly telephoned me and we had a good chat about the difficulties of living with a tremor and she drafted an article around the information that I had provide from the NTF which she published in the local paper.  She sent me a copy of the draft before it was published, which I shared with NTF before it went to press.

Waiting for this year’s 2022 posters etc. and thinking of other places to put them, perhaps Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and all the other shops and business in the area.

Perhaps some of our fellow members can think of more ideas.

Sheila Hayward.

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