Breaking News: NHS England have agreed to fund MR-guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) treatment of essential tremor for NHS patients with effect from April 2021.

The team at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust are very grateful to the NTF for the tremendous encouragement, support and funding that they have received from the NTF and for their help in getting MRgFUS treatment for NHS patients funded by NHS England. This is a major development in the treatment options available in the UK for people suffering from moderate to severe essential tremor, when medication has failed to adequately suppress the tremor or causes adverse effects.

Dr Bain would like to personally thank Kevin Harfoot and his colleagues in the NTF for their crucial support of MRgFUS for essential tremor through a very difficult two-year consultation processes with NHS England and hopes that in time this procedure will be available at other UK Neuroscience centres. Without the NTF’s support this would not have happened.

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