Congratulations to Fred Jewitt, Andrew Johnson, Anne-Lise Christmas and Jo Brown for running the Royal Parks Half Marathon for the National Tremor Foundation and raising awareness of essential tremor on 10 October.

This marks this year's biggest NTF fundraiser where collectively the runners raised almost £2500 which will go towards the NTF to help people living with essential tremor.

The flat London Half Marathon, took place on a flat course across some of the capital's world-famous landmarks. The spectacular 13.1-mile route went through the capital’s world-famous sites; including four of London’s eight Royal Parks – Hyde Park, The Green Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens.

Runners Jo and Andrew
Runners Jo and Andrew

Runners Jo and Andrew thanked everyone for organising the half marathon and to the NTF. They had a fantastic weekend and along with their friend Sue, raised over £1000 for the charity. They are really pleased and it’s been a great achievement raising funds for a very worthy cause.

Runner Anne-Lise
Anne-Lise running past Buckingham Palace

Anne-Lise said: "I had a fantastic day and the course was great. The atmosphere around the streets of London was incredible with people cheering us on all along the way. Hearing my name being called out really gave me that extra burst of energy to keep going, which was especially needed during the last mile! 

"I'd encourage people to get out there and raise awareness for NTF as I spoke to a number of runners before the race and I was very surprised that most of them had some experience with tremor, but didn't know much about it or where to go for information. 
"...And my advice for people with tremors who want to run for NTF: GO FOR IT!! (but be careful at water stations because like me, you might end up with a cup of water over your forehead and not in your mouth!)"
Runner Fred Jewitt with his parents
Fred wearing his Royal Parks Half Marathon medal with his parents

Runner Fred said: "We walked up The Mall to the start. It wasn't too warm but humid early on in the run and got cooler as runners spread out. It was very scenic and I remember looking up more than in other runs and crowd was great. I felt more shallow hills than downs. At mile 10, only 5k, 3 miles, a parkrun to go. I kept moving , getting encouragement from runners when I was walking which helped.  Another runner and I with 1000m to go helped each other through encouragment to get under 2 hours which is great. I am very happy to have done the event for NTF to finish a Great weekend in London and to meet Duncan, and also running it with Andrew, Jo and Anne-Lise as well and meeting other family members."

Royal Parks Half Marathon marks one of many of the NTF's new exciting fundraising challenges and follows on from the success of Fred and Curtis running the Virgin London Marathon last year where almost £2000 was raised. 

If you would like to run for the NTF and raise awareness of tremor please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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