Support group organiser Sheelagh Wurr reflects on the Salisbury Shakers October meet-up. 

Five members of the Salisbury Shakers met in St Thomas’s in Salisbury on Saturday morning. It was lovely to see Val, Moira and Susan who had not been able to make the previous meeting which meant we hadn’t seen them for nearly two years. It was good to see Julie again and we received a number of apologies from members who were unwell or unable to meet us for other reasons. 

We ate lots of lovely cake and had a look at a few ‘shaking aids’; (see below) 

  1. A small wire basket for boiling eggs or veg (Poundland) 
  2. A small jug to measure tablespoonfuls (Kitchen shop) 
  3. A metal straw with a cleaner, all in a tube (Aldi and Lidl) 
  4. A silicone straw in a tin.

Their next meeting will take place on Saturday 4 December in St Thomas’s Church in Salisbury where they will be able to look at the Christmas Tree Festival taking place that day 

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