(PHOTO L-R: Nicola, with Sutton Shakers Pam, Andy, Caroline, Jane, Roy and Jackie)

Jackie Farrell who leads the Sutton Shakers reflects on their November meetup.

Sutton Shakers usual venue ‘Holiday Inn’ is being refurbished, which meant we would have to wait until New Year for our next Coffee/Chat gathering there. Undeterred by this setback, alternative arrangements were made for a lunch meetup at Bar+Block in Sutton. The staff were great and had reserved an area just for us where we enjoyed good food and company. 

Apologies were received from eight of our group who had other engagements that day, but Pam, Andy, Caroline, Jane and Roy were able to attend our first ever lunch meetup.

We were delighted to also be joined by Nicola Fordyce- Browne from Sutton Carers Centre. Nicola, who has Essential Tremor herself, gave a talk at our last meetup on how the Centre can help with local support services for those in need.  Nicola is keen to help raise awareness of the disorder and NTF through Sutton Carers Centre Social media pages.

We had a really enjoyable time and agreed it would be good to arrange a lunchtime meetup again sometime.

Jackie Farrell

NTF Support Groups Coordinator
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