Well, what a challenging year 2020 has been for everyone. It has only been possible for the trustees to meet up virtually this year, but despite this we have managed to put some action plans together which we are confident will move the NTF forward in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic did manage to throw together some unexpected positives this year, the success of the NTF online Zoom meetings being one of them. This in turn spawned our campaign The Journey which proved such a popular awareness campaign. The NTF board of Trustees really owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Jackie Farrell and Duncan Crossland for their hard work in organising these meetings and awareness initiatives.

2020 also proved to be a great year for the campaign to get Focussed ultrasound treatment available on the NHS, and again the development of Zoom meetings proved to be an instrumental way in getting a message across.

The pandemic has brought financial uncertainty for many charities, organisations and individuals . The NTF are always grateful for every donation we receive, so we must say a big thank you to everyone who has donated this year. These funds help us to maintain our presence and be a voice for people affected by tremor. A voice we like to think is getting louder.

So whilst this year has proved to be productive in very many ways, we really hope 2021 allows us to meet up socially at some point and re-establish those friendships and bonds that the NTF brings to people with tremor.

NTF Board of Trustees