Claus shares his experience with tremor and setting up the Danish support group.

I was born with essential tremor but diagnosed 10 years ago when I was 34.  

First I went to my own doctor and he wasn’t in doubt at all that it was tremor. Eventually I spoke to a neurologist who confirmed it was essential tremor.

At first I took Propanol, which didn’t really do anything. At the moment I don’t have any treatment at all. All I do is ensure I have a good night’s sleep and it is not progressing, but if I am tired or stressed out the tremor gets worse. 

My mother had tremor and it runs in the family. I only get it in my hands, but my mum gets it in the legs and head as well.

There are about three or four neurologists, that specialise in tremor in Denmark, so getting treatment is hard.  In Denmark, there is an estimated 30,000 people suffering from tremor and there was no support network for tremor, so I decided to start the Danish tremor group.

At the start growing the group was slow, but it has grown to 130 people and we are now getting one new member a week. 

In the near future, we hope to gain charity status.