On Saturday 8 August The Journey continued along more exciting routes at a virtual event which was joined by Coronation Street actor Rob Mallard.

Over 40 people registered for the online event where Rob was able to answer questions and share his personal experiences of living with essential tremor. At the event Rob put people at their ease with his genuine warmth and understanding.

Rob said: "A few weekends back, I had the pleasure of joining the National Tremor Foundation on their “1000 miles” virtual meet up. The zoom was filled with people of all ages and backgrounds, the thing they share in common is an essential tremor.

"Over the course of the hour, we discussed the various draw-backs and insecurities that living with ET can bring. It was a warming experience to share and realise you are not alone.

"I’m grateful to the foundation, and the group, for inviting me and wish them every success in spreading more awareness in the hope that it might lead to better treatments in the not too distant future! "

We would like to thank Rob for joining us at the event and look forward to welcoming Rob at an event in the future!