30 Days of June Challenge

Take part in our 30 Days of June Challenge to celebrate our 30 years of supporting people with all forms of neurological tremor.

Are you fit and able to take on a sponsored challenge throughout June? Can you walk or cycle a mile a day for 30 days? Can you dance for 30 hours throughout June? What about baking 30 cakes for a coffee morning? Wherever your imagination takes you, we’d love to hear from you!

We also understand that not everyone is able to gain sponsorship or commit to bigger challenges, but we still need you! How about you make a pledge to talk about neurological tremors every day for 30 days, or tell 30 new people about neurological tremors, or even commit to sharing one of the NTF's social media posts every day through June?

Whatever you can do, we need you!

Why raise awareness of neurological tremor?

  1. Increased awareness aids in spotting neurological tremors sooner.
  2. Raising awareness lowers the misdiagnosis rates of neurological tremors often mistaken for conditions like Parkinson’s.
  3. Many professionals lack familiarity with neurological tremors. Awareness campaigns educate them on symptoms and treatments.
  4. Those with neurological tremors may encounter stigma and misunderstanding.
  5. Neurological tremors affect social interactions and quality of life. Awareness fosters acceptance and support in communities.
  6. Awareness efforts have enhanced recognition and understanding of neurological tremors in recent years.

How to take part

Taking part in the challenge is simple:

  1. Choose your own activity to do 30 times.
  2. Register your challenge.
  3. Have fun and share your challenge using the hashtag #NTF30!

Interested in fundraising?

If you're interested in also fundraising don't forget to set up your fundraising page.

Follow the NTF 30 Day Challenge on Twitter

Follow the NTF 30 Day Campaign using the Twitter hashtag #NTF30.

Take part and register your challenge!


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