Personal Independence Payment

If you are living with tremor you may have some concerns about how you'll manage financially.

There is some financial support available.

This information explains what Personal Independence Payment is, who qualifies, how to claim and what information you need to supply when you claim.

What is Personal Independence Allowance?

If you need extra help with day-to-day activities or have trouble getting around due to your condition, you may be able to claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

PIP is for you, not for a carer (if you have one), and you don't need to have someone supporting or caring for you to qualify. If you're awarded this benefit, it's entirely up to you how you use it.

PIP isn't taxable and you don't need to have paid National Insurance contributions to get it. You can claim PIP whether you're in or out of work. PIP is not means-tested. In other words, it's not affected by your earnings, other benefits you receive or by any savings you have.

Getting PIP may increase the amount of any means-tested benefits you receive, such as Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit or income-related employment and Support Allowance.

We would like to acknowledge the use of information taken from the Parkinson's UK website. 

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